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We create beautiful, award-winning websites that provide excellent user experiences, rank well online, and exceed business expectations. A well-developed website can improve qualified leads and customer conversion regardless of the size or type of business.

Web Development

We do it all with our 10+ years of experience as a leading web development company in New York. 

Modern Approach: Our professional, modern, and aesthetically pleasing websites become a powerful tool for our clients that improves their business’s online presence and turn visitors into clients and customers. 


Creative Talent: Our talented web design professionals understand that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions for websites; our innovative websites help businesses create unique and innovative solutions for reaching their online marketing goals.


User-Oriented Web Design

We design and develop mobile responsive websites that are user-friendly, keeping visitors on the business’ website while moving them through the customer journey to become qualified leads. Our visual designs aim to communicate company value and connect with the target consumers in a way that extends beyond their computer screen or cell phone.


While defining our web design strategy, we analyze the competitor data to identify opportunities

Website That Look impressive

We create amazing looking websites that covert into leads and sales.

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Dedicated Team of Designers & Developers

With decades of experience, Mimvi’s web design professionals are dedicated to expertly designing responsive websites that fit every client’s style, needs, and unique vision. Our website developers take this visual design and flawlessly turn it into a functional, responsive, and SEO-optimized website.


Design Principles for Optimum Conversions

Our talented web design professionals understand that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions for websites; our creative solutions help businesses create unique and innovative solutions for reaching their online marketing goals.
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Work with Mimvi to create the perfect website

We are happy to work with any company around the country. Our clients range from small to large businesses and span various industries. We design websites and compile digital marketing packages for the following types of clients: 

  • Professional industries (such as medical, legal, real estate)
  • Service industries (such as construction, hospitality, advertising, home services, fitness)
  • E-commerce websites 
  • New York City Web Design  & Long Island Web Design Based Agency  
  • Brick-and-mortar stores and businesses in New York City & Long Island
  • Media companies and online entertainment businesses
  • Education, non-profit, and government websites

A website is the online face of a business and is often the consumer’s first impression. A company can quickly leave a good impression with a well-designed and developed website that represents the company’s expertise. A new website will draw a potential client in with its aesthetics and provide the information needed to get the user to make a purchase or convert into a business lead. 


A company’s website is a critical part of an overall digital marketing campaign. Metrics show that outdated, confusing, slow, or unprofessional websites have a significantly higher bounce rate than modern, user-friendly, and professional websites. This means that users are leaving a website without interacting simply because their website is outdated or unappealing. A new website that is well-designed and informative is the first step in a successful online marketing campaign and turning visitors into customers or clients.

As your website ranks higher on the search results page, more people will see your company and click to visit your website. These visitors to your website can then learn more about your company, submit a contact form, or make a purchase online.
Google uses search algorithms based on 200+ factors to decide the placement of websites on the search results page. New York SEO and Long Island SEO companies try to optimize a website for these algorithms using:

  • Keyword Research & Optimization
  • Content Writing & Creation
  • Technical SEO
  • On-page SEO
  • Link Building
  • And More.

We talk with you directly to understand the needs and goals for your website so that we can provide the most accurate web design quote. Custom web design quotes are personalized based on the specific needs of your business. Every website is unique and requires a different number of pages, components, and customization. 


The cost of a website depends on the amount of time it takes to design and develop the website; this will cause the price to vary based on your specifications provided during consultation. Because all of Mimvi’s websites are custom designs, customers can expect our website development costs to start at $2,000 and increase based on the project complexity. 


Our website development billing typically follows this schedule:

  • 50% due before starting work
  • 50% due following final approval by the client, but before the website is “live.” 


We can also incorporate the website costs into the monthly retainer for the overall digital marketing campaign for clients working on SEO or another digital marketing campaign.

With that said, it is still valuable to have a baseline understanding of the cost and affordability of SEO for your business. We typically recommend that companies consider SEO services an investment that requires a minimum budget of $2,000/month with a six-month commitment.

The launch date for a website depends on the size and complexity of the site. The typical turnaround time for a website can vary between one and six months, depending on the client’s availability for feedback, content development, and overall complexity of the design and code. 

However, if a company needs a specific launch date, our web design professionals can work with you to achieve the targeted launch date.

Once a client has decided to work with us on developing a new WordPress website for his or her business, we begin our information gathering stage. In this phase, we are simply trying to understand the client’s goals for the website, visual design concepts, UX design, typography, web assets, site architecture, and the overall scope of work.


Following the information-gathering phase, the designer will build a design style guide, a wireframe mockup of a homepage, and a new logo, if needed. The graphic design mockup will be designed in photoshop and illustrator then presented to the client in PDF format for approval. Upon approval of the homepage concept, layout, fonts, graphics, and general brand design, the web designer will create the remainder of the website’s pages.


After the website is entirely designed and approved by the client, content creation will begin. Content-driven, modern websites are viewed as more authoritative by search engines. Highly informative and well-written content will give the website more authority and drive more traffic to the site. Clients are free to provide their content, of course. However, if a client chooses to work with a Mimvi content creation manager, we will deliver informative, SEO-driven content for each webpage.


When we have approval on the design and the content, our web developers will turn the design into an expertly coded WordPress website using a combination of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP. We do not start development until we have final approval on the design and content to save time and budget. We have learned over 100+ website development projects that this process helps us stick to the initial timeline and stay within the budget while optimizing the website for SEO.


Once the site is fully developed, the client will have the opportunity to view the website and test it on a website development site. This preview domain allows us to run extensive SEO, front-end, and technical performance quality assurance. In this stage, we will make sure that the website is responsive and works well across all devices (mobile devices, tablet, laptop, and desktop computer), screen sizes, and web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and more).


Now, it is time to launch the live website! 

Once a website goes live, our web development professionals will continue to monitor the website to ensure that it is performing optimally. We will make all code updates immediately to avoid interrupting the functionality or user access to the website. We are happy to include client training on the backend of the website to show how to use the WordPress website builder to make minor changes that may be needed on a day-to-day basis. 


For large change items or daily website updates, we offer web design maintenance packages at a monthly retainer suited to fit the needs of the business.

Because we are a full-service digital marketing agency, we view web design and development as the first step in a comprehensive online marketing campaign. Our end goal is to provide clients with a website that not only looks professional and modern but helps build a business’ online brand through increased organic traffic and qualified leads.


To accomplish this goal, we employ SEO best practices during the development phase. SEO (search engine optimization) is the marketing practice of increasing organic visitors to a website from search engines like Google. SEO focuses on various tactics and strategies to encourage search engines to display your website higher on the results page for specific keywords or search phrases. The higher your website appears on the search results page, the more business you can potentially generate. Without SEO, your business won’t drive organic users to your website, and you’ll have to find paid advertising and other marketing activities to get people to your website. 


Our websites are always built with SEO best practices in mind. We use our expert SEO tactics to ensure that all of the web pages are fully optimized to quickly get to the top of search results and in front of the consumer’s eyes.

In addition to SEO, there are other effective promotions and marketing channels that we can use to increase traffic and rapid sales growth. Mimvi offers the following services to help a new website land in the hands of target consumers: Pay-Per-Click, Social Media Marketing, Facebook/Instagram ads, Targeted advertising, and comprehensive digital marketing campaigns.