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PAy Per Click (PPC) Services

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a quick and cost-effective way for your company to reach your target audience and put your message in front of their eyes. If you’re looking for something that can drive new visitors to your website immediately, SEM is the answer. This channel is crucial for new businesses that are beginning the early stages of their digital marketing plan.

Focused on highly targeted audience

Online marketing allows you to focus on a highly targeted audience and display your message when looking for related topics. When setting up your online advertising campaign, you can choose to pay each time a user clicks on your ad (CPC) or a set price per 1,000 times that your ad is shown (CPM). The most common online advertising platforms are Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords), Bing Ads (Microsoft Advertising), Yahoo ads, and advertising on social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram). Contact us today to discuss our digital marketing services to increase your business’ revenue and deliver an excellent return on your investment.

Search Engine Marketing and Pay Per Click

Using SEO and SEM Together

While there are many unique benefits to SEO and SEM, the best approach is for businesses to build a digital marketing strategy that uses both. While SEM ads expire when your budget is gone, SEO content never expires. Users will always find them when they search for the keywords that your SEO content covers. That’s why you need to use both SEO and SEM in tandem with one another. SEM gets people going to your website before the long-term benefits of an SEO strategy takes effect. SEM supports this long-term marketing channel until the SEO content is ranking well enough on Google to drive traffic without paying for SEM.
Using SEO and SEM Together

Creating a Successful SEM Campaign

Mimvi can create and manage all of your SEM, PPC, content creation, and other online marketing campaign needs. Mimvi’s SEM and PPC campaigns are actively managed, with each client getting a dedicated manager to optimize the campaign regularly and provide you with detailed reports. We utilize expert digital advertising techniques and stay on top of trends in marketing and advertising to keep your business ahead of the competition. Below are some of the SEM best practices that we consider when creating campaigns for our clients.

Creating a Successful SEM Campaign

Ad Creative & Ad Text

When creating an SEM advertisement, make sure to include unique creative elements into your ad, as this will help you stand out from your competition. The ad copy and text should be relevant and engaging while leading the viewer to a specific call to action. Display and social media ads should be designed with visual elements that help them stand out from the feed.
But, to build a recognizable brand, your advertisements and messages should be consistent. Brand the graphics and images to your company so people know that they think of your business when they see those graphics or your company logo. Your ads, images, text, logos, videos, etc., should all be designed similarly so that users quickly associate them with your company at a glance. Pictures and graphics should have consistent fonts, designs, and color schemes. Your advertising channels should generally promote the same information or ads with slight tweaks to match the platform.






Targeting Audiences & Keywords

Targeting Audiences & Keywords

Mimvi has spent years studying audiences, demographics, and patterns in consumer behavior to maximize the results of a campaign through the most influential audience targetting. It is critical to the success of any advertising campaign that the ads appeal to the intended audience. That is why it is essential to understand and identify who you are trying to target and how you will reach them before building any ad.
In addition to the audience, Google search campaigns rely on an informed set of keywords and phrases that you want the ad to show up when searched. Properly selecting these keywords and developing a campaign bidding strategy that maximizes your SEM campaign budget will play a crucial role in maximizing your sales and return on investment.

High-Converting Landing Pages & Sales Funnels

Effective landing pages push through the user from a visitor to someone who converts into a lead and a customer. Building an ad-specific landing page on your website makes it easier to guide qualified leads to the next step in the sales process. In addition to creating webpages for SEO, Mimvi can also help you make attractive landing pages that capture qualified leads and convert them to calls, subscriptions, or online sales.

Throughout your Google Search PPC campaign, you can look into the metrics and performance of your ads, ad groups, and campaigns. Some important things to look at are: ads clicked on the most

  • ad relevance
  • quality score
  • auction bids
  • total ad spend
  • search query match types (broad match, direct match, or phrase match)
  • ad placements
  • device type
  • search competitors
  • conversions and cost-per-conversion (if your Google Ads account is connected to Google Analytics)
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Launch Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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