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SEO Services That Deliver Results in New York City Area

We understand the competitive NYC marketplace and craft a strategic and competitive SEO plan to help your business grow online. Our clients are successful for the same reason that we are a successful and growing company. Our strategies and customized New York SEO plans drive results. You probably found our website searching on Google or received a referral through one of our many satisfied clients. Either way, the fact that you are here is the first piece of evidence of our ability to drive qualified traffic to your business with SEO.

Local NY SEO Services

Local SEO can play a pivotal role in driving customers to your online store or a physical location. With over 8 million people living in the city, the value of local SEO can’t be understated. Our experts utilize an effective SEO strategy for getting your business ranked high for local NYC searches.

On-Page SEO

A major priority of our SEO professionals is to make sure that each page of a website is optimized through meta descriptions, internal links, page titles, image descriptions, and more.

Creative Content Creation

Our team prides itself on creating uniquely high-quality content that search engines and humans love. Our writers can cover any industry or topic. We deliver content that ranks well, converts users, and is enjoyable to read.

Let our New York SEO Rank yYour Website Online.

Optimizing a website for technical SEO enables the rest of an SEO plan to reach its full potential. We take a look behind the curtain to make sure that your website is performing at its best. Our experts will review your site for loading speed, indexability, site architecture, and more with a full technical audit.

SEO Agency NYC Mimvi

Local NYC SEO Services

Local SEO can play a pivotal role in driving customers to your online store or a physical location. With over 8 million people living in the city, the value of local SEO can’t be understated. Our experts utilize an effective SEO strategy for getting your business ranked high for local NYC searches. Want to stop by our office and talk to our team of experts?  

With an abundance of consumers turning to the internet for advice on where to shop or what company to contract, optimal placement on Google’s search results will inherently generate more brand awareness and website traffic.

Why Choose our New York SEO Services?

Our Process



When a prospective SEO client contacts us, we run a no-obligation and no-cost website and SEO audit. This initial step helps our team evaluate your website’s status and understand the results of your current SEO efforts. The way we see it, we can’t develop a personalized plan to reach your goals without knowing how your website is performing now.



After we run your audit, we schedule a consultation meeting. In this meeting, we often discuss your business objectives and specific goals for SEO. At the same time, prospective clients often benefit from the valuable insights discovered during the audit phase. This consultation meeting helps both sides to identify if we are a good fit to work together, and if we are, it is time to craft a personalized plan to drive results.



With an understanding of your business, goals, and current SEO positioning, it is time to create a personalized SEO plan. Our New York SEO experts build a comprehensive, individualized plan that will improve online search rankings, drive traffic, and convert qualified leads into sales on your website. An SEO plan will typically touch on many of our proven techniques, tactics, and strategies, including authoritative link-building, content creation, on-page edits, and technical website optimization.



Once the plan is reviewed and approved, our local SEO team will effectively execute the plan. As a client, you receive a month-by-month action plan with a timetable that lets you monitor the progress towards accomplishing your business objectives.



As we reach the end of the SEO plan, typically within four to six months, it is time to evaluate the website and business growth. At this stage, we usually reach the optimal search ranks for a majority of the keywords that are being targeted. This evaluation step allows us to make adjustments, add additional keywords to the plan, and continue to strive for the best possible rankings.



After the initial SEO project is complete, typically at six months, we get to discuss the best way to continue our partnership. We love working with long-term clients; we can devise a plan to continue the growth or scale back to manage and maintain your SEO rankings.

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" Marcus, is incredibly responsive and diligent in his work. My website is already seeing growth in online traffic after only a month and a half of working with him. He’s a great SEO professional in NYC area! "

New York Seo Company has been great for my SEO needs. After going through a few companies with bad experiences I was hesitant to sign up for NYSC but I am glad I did. I have seen great results and Marcus has always been responsive and on top of my project. They are the best SEO company in NYC, hands down!

" New York Seo Company has done a great job with my SEO for my business, Marcus is extremely Knowledgeable and thorough in all he does! They are my recommendation to anyone looking for SEO services! and I will continue to use him for years to come! "

We only work with the most trusted SEO partners in the industry.

Our New York SEO Services

Mimvi has built an impressive reputation as the top NYC SEO company, but we also work with national clients. Regardless of your location or how wide your national or global footprint, Mimvi can help you improve your presence online. Contact us to see how we can create a customized SEO plan to help your company crush its business goals.  

SEO stands for “search engine optimization,” which is the marketing practice of increasing both the quality and quantity of visitors to a website through non-paid (also known as “organic”) search engine results. 

SEO focuses on various techniques to encourage search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) to display your website when users search for specific keywords or phrases. More users will see your company and click to visit your website by showing up in these search results. These visitors to your website can then learn more about your company, submit a contact form, or make a purchase online.  

Google uses search algorithms based on 200+ factors to decide the placement of websites on the search results page for each search. Data shows that the higher you are on the search results page, the more likely a web searcher will click on the link to your website. Therefore, experts try to optimize your website for these search engine algorithms by making changes to your website, content, and building authoritative links. 

New York SEO costs are going to depend on the types of services included in your SEO plan. Mimvi creates a customized plan that is strategically designed to reach your goals. So, it is difficult to give a proper estimation until after an initial consultation with prospective clients.

With that said, it is still valuable to have a baseline understanding of the cost and affordability of SEO for your business. We typically recommend that companies interested in SEO services budget for a minimum of $1,500/month with a six-month commitment.

On the other side of the cost equation is the return on investment for SEO. There are two ways that you can project the ROI for an SEO investment. The first method is to estimate the amount of website traffic you would receive as a result of the campaign and then multiply that traffic by the average cost-per-click that you would pay for online advertising (SEM). The second method is more complex and calculates ROI based on the following formula: (keyword search volume) * (click-through-rate) * (conversion rate) * (conversion value) / (Total SEO Expenses) = Total ROI %

For each of the variables above, you can plug in the estimated values based on SEO benchmark data and analytics tools

Because a top New York SEO company, like Mimvi, can help drive more traffic, create more business leads, and increase your sales!


Mimvi is the leading search engine optimization company in New York City because of the results we provide our clients day-in and day-out. We develop comprehensive SEO plans that address every opportunity for improving search rankings so that our clients can achieve their goals and grow their businesses.


  • We have been doing New York SEO for ten years and have a team of SEO experts ready to improve your website.
  • We create successful SEO campaigns that generate ROI for our clients.
  • We work with you to create a personalized plan for fast results maintained over the long term.

Are you wondering if you should hire a company as opposed to doing SEO yourself? It is unlikely that doing SEO yourself will be as effective as working with an experienced SEO company. Many businesses do not have the knowledge, experience, understanding, or time to create and execute an effective SEO plan. SEO in the NYC market is exceptionally competitive. That is why hiring an outside agency, like Mimvi, dramatically outweighs the cost and significantly increases the return on your investment in SEO.

It would be best if you chose Mimvi. Done. Problem solved. Next question.

In reality, we always suggest doing your homework when looking to hire a new SEO company. There are a few essentials to consider when choosing an SEO company. The list of questions below will help guide your decision-making process and may be valuable to ask directly to the SEO company(s) that you are considering hiring.

Does the company have proven results? Does the company rank for their own search terms, like “Best New York SEO Company”? Do they offer case studies from their past clients? Do they have testimonials or reviews that you can read? Can you talk to a current or past client?


Does the SEO company understand your goals and vision? Do you like the company and people? Are you able to communicate effectively with the SEO agency? Do you feel like the team is listening to you?

Does the SEO company have the capacity to accomplish what they are saying? Is the team large enough to handle your project? Is the company organized and able to communicate effectively?

We are confident that we are the best SEO company in New York and would be happy to answer any of your questions so that you are just as confident in choosing us.