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Mimvi offers a decade of experience developing and executing successful Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns for our clients across the country. Our SEO experts are ready to deliver results today. Let’s start a conversation about crafting a personalized SEO strategy to make your website stand out in the online marketplace and dominate the first page of Google.

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We will craft a strategic SEO plan to rank for search phrases that drive potential customers to your website. We work with companies in New York that are large and small, across various industries to help them meet their business goals through organic search. Mimvi SEO is proud to be recognized as an innovator in the SEO industry. As a leading New York SEO company, we have had the pleasure of working with many clients throughout New York City, Long Island, and across the country.

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  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Web Design
  • Digital Marketing (SEM & PPC)

Search Engine Optimization

Mimvi's SEO Services in New York and Long Island delivery quality website traffic. Mimvi's Local New York SEO experts specialize in creating campaigns that increase rankings and send qualified website traffic to your website. Our New York SEO services will generate organic inbound leads, so your company can use its expertise to seal the deal.

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Web Design

Mimvi offers a full suite of in-house website design and development services in New York. We can start from scratch and build a new website for your business or improve an existing website. Our web design and development team starts with the user experience and SEO best practices in mind when building your website. Learn more about working with us to create an award-winning website that ranks well on Google and improves your business's online presence.

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Digital Marketing

Mimvi's digital marketing experts can build SEM and PPC advertising campaigns that significantly increase your marketing spend return on investment (ROI). Because people have access to the internet on multiple devices nearly everywhere, there is no advertising effort more effective than paid digital marketing. Yet, the reality is most businesses don't effectively manage their company's online marketing and social media presence. It is essential to work with a digital marketing agency that provides proven and measurable results.

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Top Ranked SEO

We drive more leads, traffic and website visits online.


Marcus Becker


Local SEO Solutions For New York, Long Island & Beyond

The SEO Agency That Delivers Results in NY

Mimvi SEO offers over a decade of experience developing and executing successful Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns for our clients in Long Island and New York. Local SEO services you can trust. With over 8 million people living in New York City, the value of local SEO can’t be understated. Do you want to show up at the top of Google search results, in local map results, and Google featured snippets when someone searches for something in your area? Our New York SEO & Long Island SEO experts will design an effective strategy for getting your business ranked at the top of Google. This strategy includes competitive keywords for NYC local and national searches.

Mimvi has built an impressive reputation as the top NYC SEO company, but we also work with national clients. We believe that businesses in any area can significantly benefit from expert-level SEO services, content marketing, and digital marketing strategy. Regardless of your location or how wide your national or global footprint, Mimvi can help you improve your presence online. Contact us to see how we can create a customized SEO plan to help your company crush its business goals.


Mimvi offers the highest tier of SEO services in the New York area with a proven track record. We have top-level SEO experts on staff that are ready to take your business to the next level. Mimvi’s SEO audits go into full detail about your SEO issues and provide a quantifiable action plan to propel your online presence.

Our team of SEO experts strives to provide outstanding SEO services to businesses and organizations in Manhattan, NY. With our New York SEO solutions, you can show locals, commuters, and tourists that your business is the solution. Want to stop by our office and talk to our team of experts? Mimvi’s Manhattan SEO office is located at 375 Park Ave. #2607, New York NY 10152.

If you’re looking for Long Island SEO experts, you’ve come to the right place. As the premier Long Island SEO Company, we are at the forefront of the latest SEO trends, strategies, and techniques. Mimvi is ready to help you create your next online marketing and SEO campaign. For a free consultation, schedule a meeting with our Long Island SEO team.

Your company needs a proven strategy to rank on top of the search engine results pages (SERPs) in the competitive Brooklyn, New York marketplace. Imagine how many people are searching for the “best restaurants in Brooklyn.” Thankfully, we don’t have to imagine; our team can look up this data using our local SEO analytics tools. If you are ready to make your Brooklyn-based business visible online, our Brooklyn SEO agency is here to help!

We want to be the first choice for SEO services in Queens, New York. We understand the city’s competitive landscape and can put your company ahead of the pack online with cutting-edge and proven SEO tactics. Mimvi’s SEO services help businesses in Queens be found online and bring people through their doors.

Generate more revenue growth with Search Engine Optimization services

Gary L.
journey hospitality
Bridging the gap between traffic and leads

“Marcus did an awesome job and in record time! The results were as requested and our new logo is contemporary and creative setting us apart from our competitors! thanks Marcus & Company! His team is friendly and..”

Max R.
Bridging the gap between traffic and leads

“Hands down the best SEO services I have ever done business with. They are great for big or small business. Prepare your self accordingly. These guys do not mess around. They will build a highway ramp leading tons of customers to your business and website.

Bridging the gap between traffic and leads

"+5 MORE STARS!! My experience working with Mimvi SEO has exceeded my expectations! I am beyond pleased with the Exceptional level of professionalism and outstanding quality of work provided..."

Gary L.
journey hospitality group
Bridging the gap between traffic and leads

“Marcus did an awesome job and in record time! The results were as requested and our new logo is contemporary and creative setting us apart from our competitors! thanks Marcus & Company! His team is friendly and..”

max r.
Bridging the gap between traffic and leads

“After working with many companies and individuals - I met Marcus and the rest is history. He is the epitome of professionalism, hard-work and honesty in a field that many skim the lines. He actually cares about his work and the quality that he provides, he constantly elevates and research new methods for successful implementations - a rarity in these times. ”

Bridging the gap between traffic and leads

“+5 MORE STARS!! My experience working with Mimvi SEO has exceeded my expectations! I am beyond pleased with the Exceptional level of professionalism and outstanding quality of work provided...”

Our Expert New York SEO Services


We identify how your customers are searching for your business to find the best keywords to target.


We optimize the on-site SEO details and technical performance of your website to maximize rankings.


We create your Google My Business page and get your business listed on relevant directories.


Our team prides itself on creating high-quality content that search engines and humans require.


We encourage reviews on Google, review websites, and social media platforms to increase social trust.


We build backlinks to your website from high-authority, quality, and relevant websites.

Learn More About SEO

New York SEO agency costs are going to depend on the types of services included in your SEO plan. Mimvi creates a customized plan that is strategically designed to reach your goals and maximize your marketing budget. So, it is difficult to give a proper estimation until after an initial consultation. We recommend scheduling a consultation meeting with our SEO experts to get a personalized quote for your project.

With that said, it is still valuable to have a baseline understanding of the cost and affordability of SEO for your business. We typically recommend that companies interested in New York SEO services budget for a minimum of $1,000/month with a six-month commitment.

SEO’s primary benefit is to improve a website’s search engine rankings to generate qualified organic website visitors, generate leads, and drive sales. Mimvi’s personalized approach to New York SEO helps our clients beat their competitors and provides the following benefits:

  • Achieve top rankings on Google
  • Grow online visibility & web presence
  • Increase brand recognition
  • Generate organic website clicks
  • Drive qualified website traffic
  • Convert users into leads, purchases, & more sales

We work with companies large and small in the NYC and Long Island area. When looking to hire the right SEO agency, we always suggest doing your homework first. Mimvi SEO’s team of New York SEO Experts will rank you on the first page. We have proven SEO experts ready to take your business to the next level online.

Let’s start by saying the competition in New York is very difficult and a large number of businesses in NY are hiring SEO agencies to grow their digital presence. This means there is a high demand for top SEO experts in the field that know what they are doing. With that being said, Mimvi is your go-to partner for an SEO agency as we rank in the top for “New York SEO” & “Long Island SEO” keywords online.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a marketing activity that increases the number of organic (unpaid) visitors to a website from search engines (Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, etc.). The higher your website appears on the search results, the more likely a searcher will click to visit your website. SEO focuses on using various tactics and strategies to rank your website higher on the results page for keywords or phrases.

Everyone understands that when they Google something, such as “best SEO company in New York City,” they get a list of links to websites. However, many people don’t think about how Google sorted the list. It is not random.

Google uses an algorithm with 200+ factors to rank all the possible webpages for a search based on how well the website matches the user’s intent. A successful SEO company will target these factors for improvement, so Google sees the website as more authoritative on a topic, bumping it up in the ranks and driving more unpaid website traffic.

SEO is not easy, and the reality is most businesses don’t effectively manage their website’s search engine optimization. There are many pieces to the puzzle. Every campaign is unique; it is essential to work with an SEO company to maximize your SEO efforts. Mimvi is a no-nonsense Long Island and New York City SEO agency that provides our clients proven results. 

Too often, business owners decide to go with a DIY approach to SEO & digital marketing because they assume that it’s cheaper than hiring an agency. The problem is that you get what you pay for when it comes to SEO. While it may be cheaper in the short term, it’s simply not going to provide the same quality of results.

Hire the right agency, such as Mimvi SEO, a Long Island and New York SEO Provider is the correct choice. With over 10 years of experience in SEO in the New York area, we have proven our knowledge and expertise in SEO.

It would be best if you chose Mimvi as your SEO company, a New York-based SEO Agency. Problem solved. Next question.

We also recommend that prospective clients do their homework when hiring a new SEO company in the New York area. Does the company have proven results? Does the SEO company have case studies, testimonials, and verified client reviews? Does the company rank at the top for their search terms, as we do for “New York SEO Company”? 

We know that Mimvi is the best SEO company in New York and Long Island and would be happy to answer any of your questions so that you are just as confident in choosing us.


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