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Why is good web design important? Web design is an umbrella term for the aesthetics, visibility, usability, and functionality of a website.

With an endless number of websites, you must be committed to high-quality website design if you want to attract visitors and stand out. Mimvi can help you make an excellent first impression for your customers on the internet.

We work with New York clients to create attractive and engaging websites that are highly competitive on the web. Our approach involves using proven expertise to provide well-crafted, custom-tailored solutions that complement and enhance your brand. As a leading full-service digital marketing agency, we work with clients to create websites that fit any business size, market/industry, and budget.

Why Should a New York Company Invest in Web Design?

A website is more than just a tool to showcase your products or services. It’s a platform that helps your brand establish trust, credibility, and, ultimately, conversions. Gone are the days when customers expect businesses to have the information they need on brochures or other paper advertisements. Instead, today’s customers expect brands to have an online presence and a high-quality website to convince them that they’re worth their time and attention.

Online visitors tend to get bored quickly. Your website only has a few seconds to impress your visitors before they bounce off to another. Therefore, businesses need to craft a website with impeccable design to satisfy their audience’s expectations.

As a top digital marketing agency in New York, one of our commitments has always been to provide attractive and engaging websites that convert. In addition, we work diligently to ensure that your business gets the online recognition it deserves.

Our designs focus on excellent performance, compelling visuals, and an engaging, flawless user experience. We believe that a website should be attractive while consistently meeting its goals, whether those goals are leads, sales, or store visits.

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User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are the first two factors you should consider when approaching web design. Your priority should always be your visitors; they’re the ones who bring revenue to your site. By making visitors enjoy their time spent on your website, you can keep them coming back.

So how can we use UI and UX to promote growth?


  • Keep it simple! Creativity is fun but overwhelming your target audience with distracting color schemes and a dozen fonts is counterproductive. Visitors are looking for information, so stick with an easy-to-read font for chunks of text. Try to use no more than a few complimentary colors when rounding out your design.
  • Prioritize important information. Nobody likes to “dig” for an answer. To help out your viewers, give them the answers they are looking for in the form of a bolded target paragraphs, H1-H4 subheadings, or an eye-catching element to promote the information.
  • Focus on responsive web design, which is a form of flexible formatting to fit any screen size. Since 59% of organic search engine visits come from mobile devices, it’s pertinent that you take time to tweak how your website “responds” to multiple platforms and browsers.
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Competitor Analysis and Research

Here’s the cold, hard truth: you have a lot of competition on the web. The internet is the biggest free-market economy ever created for content.  Take a look at the websites in your niche that are doing well. What keywords are they using? What kind of language do the writers use? How is the information formatted? Reverse-engineering the top-ranking pages on Google is an easy way to upgrade your website’s visibility.

Optimizing Your Site for Search Engines

When potential customers search for products and services on Google, they will focus entirely on the front page, particularly on the first three results. So make sure that your brand fits into that valuable online real estate for New York websites.

It doesn’t matter how compelling your writing is if you neglect search engine optimization (SEO). Your competitors are optimizing for keywords to get their content to show up before yours on the search results page. But, remember to write for your human audience and the search engine simultaneously.

Eye-Catching New York Website Design

Simplicity is essential, but that doesn’t mean you should settle for a bland-looking website. Unique, polished visual elements make an unforgettable first impression and add emphasis to key points. So what are some good New York website design techniques?

  • Break up text into chunks. In the case of white spaces, what isn’t written is just as important as what is. Adding breaks in your text helps to split up your content into more easily digestible chunks.
  • Use images to complement your writing. Don’t go overboard here; a few well-placed pictures can make a big difference in the user experience.
  • Choose appropriate colors. Color schemes profoundly affect mood, so you want to choose colors that evoke the “feel” of your content. For example, blue exudes trust and loyalty, while red exudes passion.
  • Make navigation easy by adding a horizontal navigation bar at the top of the page, allowing visitors to quickly move to different sections of your website.
  • Choose a readable font that goes with the theme of your website. Sans serif fonts are casual and approachable, while serif fonts are formal and confident.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) refers to turning website visitors into “customers.” You’re converting visitors when you get them to do what you want beyond just viewing your website. Good New York SEO practices result in a higher conversation rate because many of them apply to CRO too. With several years of serving clients with high-quality New York web design, Mimvi has created hundreds of functional and attractive websites that have produced conversions higher than those optimized by other competitors.

Here at Mimvi, we believe that flawless web development with digital traffic in mind is what your business needs to develop and maintain a robust online presence. If you want to bring in more organic to grow your site, our professional New York web developers are here to help your content stand out in the vast ocean of the internet. Ready to take off? Schedule a free consultation today!



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