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Why Choose Us?

User Oriented Design

We design and develop websites that are user-friendly, keeping potential clients on the business’ website to generate qualified leads and build business. Our designs aim to communicate company culture and value on the computer screens of target consumers.

Dedicated Team

With decades of professional experience, the Mimvi web design professionals are dedicated to expertly designing and developing websites that fit the style, needs and goals of every client. We work with clients to flawlessly execute the website vision.

Creative Thinkers

Our talented web design professionals understand that there is no one-size-fits all solution for every company’s website needs; our creative solutions help businesses reach their online marketing goals and improve conversion rates.

Professional Web Design

We Build Websites That Convert

Regardless of the size or type of business, a well-developed website can improve qualified leads and customer conversion. 

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Professional Web Design

How long does it take to launch a new website?

The launch date for a website depends on the size and complexity of the site. The typical turnaround time for a website can vary between one and six months, depending on the client’s availability for feedback, content development and overall complexity of the design and code. 


However, if there is a specific launch date needed by a company, our web design professionals can work with you in a joint effort to achieve the targeted launch date.

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How much does a new website cost?

Custom web design quotes are personalized based on the specific needs of the business. Every website is unique and requires a different number of pages, components and customization. We work directly with the client to understand the needs and goals for a website so that we can provide the most accurate web design quote at the consultation.
The cost of a website depends on the amount of time it takes to design and develop the website; this varies website-by-website depending on the specifications provided during consultation. Because all of our websites are custom designs, our website cost starting at $2,000.
Typically, we bill a website as follows: 50% prior to commencing work and 50% following final approval by client, but before the website is “live.” However, if a client is also working on SEO or another digital marketing campaign, we will work with the client to bill the website into the monthly retainer for the overall digital marketing campaign.

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What happens after a website is launched?

Once a website is launched, our design and development professionals will continue to monitor the website to ensure that it is performing optimally.  We make all software updates immediately so that there is never any interruption to the functionality of or access to the website.  If preferred, we offer training on the website so that a client can make any minor changes needed on a day-to-day basis. For large change items, or daily website updates, we offer web design maintenance packages at a monthly retainer suited to fit the needs of the business.

Why should a company invest in a new website?

A website is the online face of a business and is often the first impression a consumer has of a business. A company can easily leave a good impression with a well-designed and developed website that clearly depicts the company’s expertise. A new website will not only draw a potential client in with its aesthetics, but provide him or her with the information needed to know that the company is equipped to handle his or her needs.

Websites are a large part of an overall digital marketing campaign. The metrics show that outdated, confusing or unprofessional websites have a significantly higher bounce rate than modern, user-friendly and professional websites. This means that even companies that are best equipped to do a job or provide a good are being ignored simply because their website is outdated or unappealing to the consumer.

A new website that is well-designed and informative is the first step in a successful online marketing campaign.

Once a client has decided to work with us on the development of a new website for his or her business, we begin our information gathering stage. At this phase, we are simply trying to understand the goals the client has for the website, design concepts and the scope of the work.

Following the information gathering phase, the designer will build a mockup of a homepage, as well as a new logo, if needed. The mockup will be presented to the client in PDF format for approval, prior to continuing with the remainder of the website. Upon approval of overall concept and design, the web designer will create the remainder of the website’s pages.

Once the website is completely designed, content creation will begin. Clients are free to provide their own content, of course. However, if a client chooses to work with a Mimvi content creation manager, we will provide informative, SEO-driven content to the client for approval for each page of the website.

Once we have approval on the design and the content, development will begin. We do not start development until we have approval on the design and content to save time and budget; it helps us better stick to the deadline, on budget, while giving us the ability to fully optimize the website for SEO.

Once the site is fully developed, and approved, it will be launched!

Because we are a full service digital marketing agency, we view web design and development as the first step in a comprehensive online marketing campaign. Our end goal is to leave a client with a website that not only looks professional and modern, but to build a business’ online brand through increased traffic and qualified leads.

To accomplish this goal, we develop highly informative and well-written content that will give the website more authority and drive more traffic to the site. We also use our award-winning SEO tactics to ensure that all of the web pages are fully optimized so that the site indexes within Google and quickly gets into the eyes of the consumer.

A content-driven, modern website will be viewed as more authoritative by search engines and help drive more traffic to the business’ website quickly.  Our websites are always built with SEO best practices in mind.

Our clients range from small to large businesses, and span various industries. We design websites and compile digital marketing packages for clients in professional industries (such as, medical, legal, real estate); service industries (such as, construction, hospitality, food and bev, advertising, home services, fitness); e-commerce; and more.

We are happy to work with any company around the country.

There is little point to a modern, professional new website if it cannot be found on Google.  For that reason, we use SEO best practices when building a website so that basic SEO tactics are built into the site.  However, for more effective promotion of a new website we offer the following services to help get a new website land in the hands of target consumers: SEO, Pay-Per-Click, Social Media Marketing, Facebook and Instagram Ads, Targeted Marketing and comprehensive digital marketing campaigns.