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The best Charleston SEO companies can grow rankings, increase traffic, and improve brand recognition. If you’re looking for a local SEO agency to help you grow your online presence, contact Mimvi for a free consultation today.


As a Charleston business owner, you know how competitive your industry is. In some small South Carolina towns, you may get away with being the only fish in the pond. But it can be challenging to stand out in a big city or a niche with many established businesses. If you’re having trouble rising above the competition, Mimvi’s SEO services can help. We customize each SEO campaign to meet the needs of our clients.

How Can Search Engine Optimization Help My Business in Charleston?

Each year, millions of websites go unnoticed by users on search engines like Google. Marketing data shows that 75% of these searchers never venture past the first page of Google’s search results! Luckily, search engine optimization (SEO) can help businesses of any size and niche achieve better search rankings, thus driving more organic traffic and qualified leads. Search engine optimization is improving your website for search engines and the most effective way to generate organic website traffic.
Mimvi can help you navigate the confusion around SEO and help implement proven ideas to help your website thrive. We will also help you maintain and evolve your SEO campaigns to keep up with the latest trends. Trends in technology are constantly changing, so it’s essential to have a trusted Charleston SEO agency work with you to keep you aware of the best SEO and online marketing tactics. 

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Increase Online Visibility with Charleston SEO

The ultimate measurement of success for an SEO campaign is to have your website rank #1 in search engine rankings for search phrases that matter to your business. This enables your potential customers to see your products and services. People tend not to scroll deeper than the first few links when looking through Google’s search results. Instead, they typically go to the first website link or, at most, will scroll down to the second or third webpages listed. Therefore, being on the top of Google can bring you a lot of visibility and new potential customers.  

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  • Gain traction online beat their competitors’ rankings, and grow their sales with unbeatable ROI.


Why Work with Mimvi's SEO Agency in Charleston?

Local SEO Services

Many small business owners are interested in local SEO services to help them rank on Google local searches.

Digital SEO

If you think that local SEO is only for companies with a physical location, you are wrong. Types of local searches include local business services, company reviews, directions to a specific site, and "near by" location queries.

Charleston SEO

Local Charleston SEO is also for companies that want to get more clients from a particular area. If you run a sales or service-based business, you can benefit from local SEO.

Content Marketing & Content Writing

Content is the fuel that drives search engine optimization. It helps support SEO campaigns and boosts rankings by creating relevant pieces of content that can rank well. However, content creation can be complex and time-consuming for any company.

Link Building

Link building involves getting other web admins to link from their website back to your website. Having strong backlinks to your website will help with better rankings in search engines, improved authority and trust, and overall organic traffic increases. If you are looking at implementing a link-building program, contact Mimvi today!

Keyword Research & SEO Audit

Keywords are the cornerstone of any successful SEO campaign, and knowing which ones to target will be a critical factor in your success as an online marketer. The term "keyword" refers to the specific phrases people search for, so it's vital that you know which keywords you should be targeting on your website and within your content.

Charleston SEO Services

Over the past ten years, our team has worked to establish Mimvi as a leading search engine optimization and digital marketing agency. We believe every online business has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses. In addition, we take a personalized approach to SEO and Google search advertising. That means our SEO strategy is built around your company’s unique qualities and your goals for visibility. Then, we use your strengths to improve your search positions on Google.


Mimvi’s portfolio of clients includes local Charleston service businesses, hotels, retail and eCommerce stores, restaurants, start-ups, national brands, and many other commercial establishments across the country.

Search engine optimization is a powerful part of a successful digital marketing strategy. If you’re looking for local Charleston SEO services, the experts at Mimvi can help. As an award-winning marketing agency, we specialize in helping clients rank at the top of Google for search phrases that matter to their business. In addition, we provide our clients with the best tactics and strategies available to grow their business online. While many different SEO strategies can drive more traffic, the most popular SEO services are listed below.






Work With Mimvi

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SEO can be overwhelming and confusing to manage in-house, so it is often easier and more successful to hire a SEO Company to help you manage the campaign. Finding the right partner to help implement your SEO and digital marketing campaigns will cost money, but Mimvi consistently delivers high returns on investment. A successful campaign with Mimvi will drive more customers to your website, leading to more sales while providing strong ROI.

Charleston's Thriving Businesses

Charleston is rich in history and culture, which attracts people from around the globe to experience its unique blend of Southern charm, culture, and cuisine. As a result, Charleston has been ranked among the top 10 cities to visit by many travel websites, blogs, and publications. Locals and tourists enjoy its historic downtown district, harbor or eating at one of Charleston’s many restaurants.

Mimvi has taken pride in placing our Charleston clients in front of the eyes of their potential consumers for over ten years. Still, we love watching their businesses grow in Charleston and dominate their industries online.


Curious about how you discovered Mimvi’s website? Perhaps you searched for terms like ‘local SEO Charleston,’ ‘local SEO company,’ or ‘Charleston search engine optimization’ on Google. And there we were – right at the top of the first page, or prominently featured in the local map listings. Our prominent placement speaks volumes about our expertise in SEO. Your visit to our webpage today is a testament to our ability to outperform other Charleston SEO companies, which you might not have found or chosen to click on through Google.


Ready to enhance your SEO strategy? Let’s initiate a dialogue to craft a tailored approach. Together, we’ll aim to elevate your website to the pinnacle of Google’s first page for your desired keywords. An SEO-optimized website isn’t just a digital asset; it’s a vibrant source of lead generation and increased web traffic for your business every day. This surge in online visitors can significantly boost your potential for generating fresh sales leads and attracting the ideal clientele.

Feel free to reach out for a complimentary consultation and SEO audit. Prospective clients are welcome to contact us anytime.