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How to Stay on Top of the SEO Game despite Google’s Changing Algorithms

How to Stay on Top of the SEO Game despite Google’s Changing Algorithms

Anyone in the SEO industry knows that decisions made by the Google hierarchy in terms of changing algorithms can have a significant impact on an SEO campaign. Google typically updates its algorithm several times a year, causing SEO companies in New York to alter their methods and strategies. Often, these updates present increased opportunity for ranking potential; however, the updates can also be aesthetic or barely impactful. It is increasingly important for a New York City SEO expert to pay attention to the updates to maximize potential for itself and its clients.


However, there is no need to immediately panic when Google releases an update, as the core strategies of a successful SEO campaign remain largely unchanged following each and every algorithm. How to maintain rankings in the face of a Google update is quite simple if you have been in the SEO field for a while, and it is built of several core principles, including: site visibility; quality content; the creation of trustworthy links; and avoiding black-hat and rank manipulation strategies.


First, and quite obviously, your site cannot rank if a search engine cannot see that the site exists or the content that it offers. Google has automated “bots” that troll the internet for specific content; upon the discovery of the content, the content is index. However, if your site is not visible to these bots, it is not in the pool to be ranked, so to speak. The overall structure and layout of your site plays a role in indexing and ranks as well, so it is incredibly important to work hand-in-hand with an experienced New York web design and development company.


There are multiple methods you can take to ensure that Google indexes your site. The easy, yet slower process, is to sit back and wait for Google to do it on its own. Google will be responsible for the work, so you can sit back and relax; just realize that new sites or new pages can take several weeks or longer to be indexed with this method. A more aggressive strategy requires you to do the work on your own; you can create a Sitemap and list all of the pages you desire to be ranked, including a description of the link. This method will speed up the process.


Then, there is the old adage that everyone knows but not everyone truly listens to: content, quality and original content, is king. When an individual searches online for specific content, he or she wants to see exactly what is being searched for without scrolling through ten pages; therefore, Google’s success is based on directing its users to sites that fit what they want to see. Quality content must be appropriately long, with minimal filler; but also readable and understandable to the average person not proficient in your field. The more original and the better the quality of the content, the higher the website will rank.


Of course, there is the tried and true SEO technique: link-building. To have an effective SEO campaign, you need to build a lot of links that are trustworthy. The more trustworthy links that you have pointed to your site, the more trustworthy your site will be deemed to be. Although link-building strategies have changed over the years, the basic concept to build a vast network of links with high trust flow has not changed.


There are many “tricks” that people have used over the years to move them up in the search engine rankings immediately. However, these black-hat techniques are highly frowned upon and Google makes many efforts to penalize those that attempt to manipulate ranks. Google, despite the changes, always rewards sites that provide true value to the consumer or viewer, while penalizing those that simply stuff keywords, hide keywords or employ link spamming.


Ultimately, while attention should be paid to every Google algorithm update for the possibility to enhance SEO strategies, if you stick to these basic techniques, you will have no problems ranking your site throughout the years, despite the updates.

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