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Why hire the Top Charleston SEO Agency in South Carolina?

At Mimvi SEO, we provide your business with the top SEO services in Charleston, South Carolina.  Our main focus is to put you on top of organic search results, resulting in more traffic to your site, more qualified leads and ultimately a more prosperous business.


At Mimvi SEO Charleston, we believe that online marketing tactics must be approached in a holistic fashion.

Our Charleston SEO experts will review your website and further optimize each page to rank for your targeted keywords.


We will place your business on all relevant directories and listings so that your company may be found easily by your target audience.  We will create high authority “path,” or links, to your website that signal to search engines that your website is popular and relevant.

So why work with a Top Rate Charleston SEO Company? SEO is hard, let’s face it and you need to partner up with the right team. We understand small business owners needs and wants and focus on ROI for our client. That means, results that impact your bottom line and gain you results long term.

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Mimvi SEO prides itself with working with companies in the Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and surrounding South Carolina areas.

How did you find this website? You found us on page 1 of Google.

Maybe you typed in “Charleston SEO” or“Charleston SEO Firm” or something similar. And if you found us that way, it’s because we rank higher than hundreds other SEO firms you didn’t find in Google. What does that tell you about our SEO skills?

Hello, I’m Marcus Becker, CEO at Mimvi SEO Agency.

As being a business owner it can be very difficult for your company to master search engine optimization (SEO). We understand this and keeping up with Google and SEO can be extremely difficult.

That’s why, unlike many other SEO firms, we first take the time to talk to you by phone and listen to your needs. We analyze your website with  proprietary SEO tools  and give you a full detailed  analysis  of your website.

Bottom line, we love helping customers and getting them more business and customers. We value your time and want to help grow your business for years to come.

SEO Targeting Systems
We obtain you first page rankings for targeted keywords, this increases your trust, visibility, and leads..
Increased Call Volume

We increase your average in-bound call volume through seo and marketing and provide tracking.

More In-Bound Leads

We place your business in front of customers who are looking to buy now.

Mimvi SEO Charleston SC
Risk-Free Site Audit

We are so confident in what we do that we offer risk free discovery calls on all our seo services.

Long Term Relationships

We build strong, long lasting relationships with each client. We treat everyone like family and go above and beyond in service.

Award Winning Service 
24/7 live chat and live representatives on call so we are here whenever you need us
In depth SEO technical site audit.

Most important at first is a technical analysis of your website to give you full in-depth report of what is going on.

Social media optimization service.

Without social media fine tuned and setup correctly, your website rankings are going nowhere.

Custom copy-writing on key landing pages

Our team of SEO experts will go through each page of your website and implement strategic and  synergistic content.

Google Maps and local optimizations.

If you’re a local business, we build out all of the necessary citations, directories and local listings to get your business listed in Google Maps


Hyper placement and research

Potential customers need to know about your company before they can give you their business, as we prioritize getting eyes on your online presence with Charleston SEO Services.


Not only do we understand how to market your brand in South Carolina  and increase it’s awareness online. We know how to increase your bottom line.Meaning, we put money into your pocket and give you the peace of mind that your business is getting a return on it’s investment.

Long term, safe-effective SEO

Our aim is to keep you on top of your competitors when it comes to local searches online. We want to bring you more business and this is a promise.


  Old school tactics no longer work like they used to. Our SEO services are an all inclusive inbound marketing service that touches every piece of the organic web. Such as Content marketing, organic promotion, social media and more this means we cover it all.