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It’s impossible to overstate the impact that a well-built and professionally designed website can have on your business in the 21st century. Whether you’re running a small online shop based out of New Jersey or a nationwide company, our proven website design services can introduce new clients to your products and keep them coming back for more. 


Since 2015, MIMVI has been working to solve the web design needs for businesses of every size. Our tried and tested website development services are designed from the ground up to increase your web traffic, drive up conversions, and provide your customers with a top-notch user experience. From building new pages to planning out comprehensive online marketing strategies, you can trust your web design needs to our expert team.

Why is Web Design Important?

We’ve all been there – from squinting our way through fonts that hurt our eyes to navigating through an endless series of time-sucking menus; we can intuitively understand that lousy web design is a barrier to potential customers. The longer it takes to find what we’re looking for, the more likely we are to look somewhere else. High-quality website design is an essential element of any business’s online strategy. 


A professional design reinforces your brand’s image to potential clients and provides a clear, easy-to-navigate pathway to your list of products and services, making the purchasing process simple and straightforward. In the hands of an experienced web developer, your company website can have a massive impact on sales and conversions and help you reach your business goals in record time.  

As a top digital marketing agency in New York, one of our commitments has always been to provide attractive and engaging websites that convert. In addition, we work diligently to ensure that your business gets the online recognition it deserves.

Our designs focus on excellent performance, compelling visuals, and an engaging, flawless user experience. We believe that a website should be attractive while consistently meeting its goals, whether those goals are leads, sales, or store visits.

Improved Business Image Online

For many of your customers, your website will be the first (and, often, only) impression you get to make on your potential customers. This is doubly true for online retailers, content creators, and other niches that primarily work in the digital space. 

Make that first impression count with a professionally designed website that shows your visitors you mean business. A clean, easily navigable website is working proof of your brand’s commitment to quality, professionalism, and a top-notch customer experience. 

Higher Conversion Rate on Your Site

Studies have shown that as many as 61.5% of visitors that abandon a webpage leave because they have difficulty navigating the site’s content. An additional 34% search elsewhere due to poor content structure and layout. This data highlights the essential role that top-quality web design plays in producing and driving conversions for your business. 

By providing a clear, well-designed, and easy-to-navigate page for your company and its services or products, you make them that much easier for potential customers or clients to find and purchase. If they’re forced to spend too much time digging through a labyrinth of bad links and pages, the chances are high they’ll just look elsewhere.

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Competitor Analysis and Research

To stand out in any niche, it’s essential to examine your competition and take note of what they do well and where they may be lacking. As part of our industry-leading web development process, we conduct a thorough analysis of web pages in similar industries and niches. Our research ranges from surface-level design elements to in-depth SEO metric tracking and examination. All of this information helps our team of top-notch web designers create a site that stands out to your customers, draws in new traffic, and represents your brand.

Cater to Users with Great UI and UX Design

Poorly designed UI (user interfaces) and subpar user experience are among the top reasons that site visitors take their browsing elsewhere. At MIMVI, we know that eye-catching graphic design is only a part of the puzzle; we design our web pages to be beautiful to look at and easy to navigate to provide the best possible user experience.

Our top-rated team of web designers in New Jersey will work with your business to develop a custom website built with your users in mind to save them time and help them navigate the services and products you offer. 

Eye-Catching Website Design

Our comprehensive website design services bring your brand to life with professional, top-quality graphic design. From modern, sleek, and straightforward designs to dramatic, fully realized concepts that represent your company and its values, our custom websites are built from the ground up to blend eye-catching design with intuitive navigation to provide the best possible UX (user experience) for your customers.

As many as 94% of users’ first impressions of a website are based on design and graphical elements, which is why we go above and beyond to create a top-notch visual experience for our clients.   

A professionally designed website is a critical part of your larger online marketing goals. Our web development services don’t stop at designing and implementing custom websites – we also offer trusted content creation services and search engine optimization tools to help expand your website’s reach. Our digital marketing plans are designed to integrate seamlessly with our websites to create a unified, cohesive experience for your visitors while boosting your traffic and driving conversions to new heights. 

All the SEO help in the world is worthless if you don’t have high-quality content to back it up! In fact, quality content is one of the most significant factors that can affect a website’s search engine rankings. Our content creation services provide your website with thoroughly researched and edited content produced by a top-notch team of copywriters. From social media posts to product descriptions, blog entries, and more, give your visitors a reason to stop in and keep coming back with our content creation offerings.

Search engine optimization is an essential feature of any modern website. By utilizing an in-depth understanding of what search engines look for when calculating their results pages and tweaking our pages to cater to those elements, your page naturally places higher in the ranks, attracting more visitors without spending a penny on ad placement. Our industry-leading SEO services in NJ let Google and other search engines do the work for you to help your business grow organically while bringing your web page to those looking for your products and services.


Choosing the Right New Jersey Web Design Company

You can hardly open a browser window without finding a digital marketing agency, but we believe we’ve got a few things that help us stand out above other website design companies.


Based in the greater New York City area since 2015, MIMVI has been proving our dedication to high-quality, professional website design by working with companies of every size to bring their brand to life. For a web design agency that goes above and beyond to offer comprehensive web development services with an eye for detail and industry-leading quality, choose the pros at MIMVI. 

When it comes to digital marketing, results matter! That’s why our clients have come to trust and rely on our NJ-based team of experienced web designers with all of their digital marketing needs, from web design to content creation and beyond. 


To us, website development is more than a job. It’s an opportunity to bring our clients’ unique businesses and visions to life, grow their businesses, and help them reach more potential customers than ever before. We design websites with these goals in mind, and we work with our clients every step of the way to make them a reality!


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