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You’ve worked hard to support your customers and create a business that helps you earn a living. However, you’re not seeing the clients you should. That’s why you require a Long Island digital marketing agency that focuses on getting more people who are the right fit for your brand.

Whether you own a large or small business, you must offer what the customers really need to enhance your ROI and bring in the target audience for the brand.

Digital marketing is the best to market your brand. Mimvi can be your trusted advisors because we think as your partners and do what we can to help you grow your business. From visuals to online messaging and sales to lead generation, we want you to be a success. 

Marketing Expertise on Long Island, NY

Increasing Your Business Online with Our Digital Marketing Company

Most people have many concerns about digital marketing. It’s not easy for your company to do it all alone, and our services can assist. When you want to grow and be successful, you require Long Island digital marketing services that prevail over everything else:

Long Island Marketing and Advertising Difficulties

You’ve got an amazing service or product and need more customers to buy from your business. Others get plenty of clients, but they don’t purchase anything. The odds here are that you’re attracting the wrong people or using a message that doesn’t correlate.

Overall, you need a Long Island advertising agency on your side. Digital marketing is one of our specialties, so we know what we’re doing and can develop a strategy that meets your needs.

Digital Marketing requires High-quality Content

One large problem experienced by many company owners is the inability to deliver a clear message. Your team might be great with your services and products, but they battle to find enthusiasm and time to create an engaging campaign for the audience. That’s where digital marketing comes into play.

Mimvi’s writers work hard to understand  your business and determine what sets you apart from the competitors. That helps us create a message that shows why prospective customers should consider your company on Long Island. Digital marketing can drive results in ways that other options can’t.  

Selling Challenges

Sales are a part of all businesses, even though most people don’t like that word. Do you need to generate more leads and get more prospects? Our digital marketing experts can help!

We’re not just an internet marketing company on Long Island. We’re knowledgeable business people who understand what an organization requires. That means we handle retargeting to draw prospects to your company, focus on lead generation to get more people interested, and use display advertising to lure everyone forward through the funnel.

Boston search engine optimization MA

SEO as Part of Our Digital Marketing Services on Long Island

The last several years have seen people finding what they need on search engines. The top options are Yahoo, Bing, and Google. Companies found here are in the best position to see more sales and success.

Your prospective customers need something from you. They search high and low to find what they want, so you must see high rankings in search engines to promote your business.

Search engine optimization is complex for most companies. It involves citations, hyperlinks to your website, visitor engagement, trustworthiness, and more. Typically, it’s hard for a business owner to do it alone, and that’s why they need an SEO marketing agency.

Our Long Island Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization

Our digital marketing company on Long Island helps you put your brand on top of the SERPs with SEO services. This is the goal for every organization because high rankings generate leads and more sales. It's also possible to get more clients, and we are well-versed in the strategies that ensures your business outranks the competitors.

Web Development and Design

Whether you must build a new website or redesign your current one, our digital marketing team can help you develop the best web design. Branding is everything, and we focus on the aesthetic that resonates with your organization. However, we also ensure the website is conversion-focused and fully optimized.

Social Media Marketing

Social media management is crucial for your online presence, which requires proven tactics. Our Long Island digital marketing team is adept at handling all of these things. In fact, our digital marketing company can create multiple accounts on many social media channels to bring your brand close to the target audiences and grow the business. Social media management is at the heart of what we do.

Content Writing

Content writing is one of our many Long Island digital marketing services. Our team of writers in NY can execute and design the best marketing plan to propel your SEO, PPC, and social media marketing efforts to new heights. Please trust our experts to create blogs that convert.


PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is one of the many Long Island digital marketing services we provide. Paid ad marketing is an excellent online strategy that drives results quickly. Our team of experts utilizes cost-effective solutions for your business to generate more ROI.

Online Reputation Management

Our Long Island digital marketing team helps you with online reputation management because we know how important it is to get customer feedback. They must perceive your branding as the best on the market before purchasing from you. We provide you with a dedicated social media management specialist to help you get positive reviews and minimize the effects of negative ones. That means more potential clients see what you have to offer.

Long Island Digital Marketing Services

Americans don’t watch television as much, preferring to spend more time surfing the internet. The biggest websites for user activity include YouTube and Facebook. You’re missing out on more website traffic if you’re not utilizing these and other social media channels for marketing.

Our Top Long Island Advertising Agency Can Help You:

  • Link you to the market
  • Focus on marketing your brand
  • Drive prospects, likes/shares, and website activity
  • Touch prospects at the best time with appropriate info
  • Target by dislikes, likes, customer lists, and age
  • Reach people who aren’t exploring Google but are interested
  • Split test offers, ads, videos, and visuals
  • Appear to be a large brand name, even to small target audiences
  • Track and measure it all
Choose a Long Island Digital Marketing Expert to Increase Business Online.

It’s possible to reach customers efficiently for less money than you think. We help businesses advertise locally, globally, and nationally. It doesn’t matter if you’re large or small. Our Long Island digital marketing agency connects you with the customers!

Local advertising is crucial for your business. If you own a pizza restaurant in NY, you don’t necessarily want to show off to those in Illinois. Unless they’re planning a trip to our beautiful state, it’s not worth it!

We realize you might have questions about local SEO, so you can call us to ask. Our goal is to help you get results!

  • PPC Ads - Use This Power to Buy the Top Spot

    Google earns billions each year with Google Ads. You can also target prospects across the globe, nationwide, in NY, or on Long Island. Do you want people to perform searches for your service or product? Yes! However, you might not care about selling to those in another country or state.

    It's possible to buy your way to the top spot on Google. You pay by the click to get website visitors to your brand. There's a drawback, though. Clicks can get expensive. You might spend hundreds of dollars for each click on a particular keyword, eating up a lot of your marketing budget.

  • Retarget to Bring Customers Back

    Most people don't buy on the first visit, so you must bring them back for more. A 10 percent conversion rate means that 90 percent of these visitors didn't do what you needed. Don't forget about them! Concentrate on bringing them back with digital marketing!

    Retargeting means we advertise to Long Island residents who visited your business website and didn't buy anything. That means using relevant ads so that they recognize you and want to become clients in the long run!

    To rank high, you require a content plan that interests your clients. Our Southampton SEO agency focuses on the user. We know information should be relevant to the business and should fulfill the user's needs.

    While other brands chase low-quality and cheap links, we target your business online to help it grow with a solid SEO plan designed to help with keyword research and other proven SEO efforts. We've got a deep knowledge of SEO, social media, and lead generation, making us a breath of fresh air in a world of challenges.

    Overall, it's worthwhile and profitable, but only if you do it correctly. Therefore, it's best to work with a digital marketing team who understands what your company requires to be a success.

It’s possible to reach customers efficiently for less money than you think. We help businesses advertise locally, globally, and nationally. It doesn’t matter if you’re large or small. Our Long Island digital marketing agency connects you with the customers!

Local advertising is crucial for your business here on Long Island. If you own a pizza restaurant in NY, you don’t necessarily want to show off to those in Illinois. Unless they’re planning a trip to our beautiful state, it’s not worth it!

We realize you might have questions about local SEO, so you can call us to ask. Our goal is to help you get results.

Work with Trusted Digital Marketing Professionals at Mimvi

Companies have sought advice from us for the last several years because we are their trusted advisors. In fact, we encourage them to improve the organization, help them with growth, and watch as they accomplish success. We’re here to maximize your results with digital marketing!

How Do We Do That?

  • We’ve got the practical experience to create a process that fits your needs instead of promoting services we want you to use.
  • We frequently tell Long Island clients not to do things because they should concentrate on the company while we handle the rest.
  • Rest easy knowing that we have your back and work hard to get the outcome you seek.
  • Work with a marketing company that specializes in helping businesses like yours!
  • Avoid expensive and lengthy training and hiring processes because we’re ready to push forward to boost your brand!

The specialists at our digital marketing company use current techniques to help your business get the maximum results. We don’t use back doors or tricks. Instead, you get a professional website design, and social media assistance, and learn how to engage with prospects. Our strategies are complete and focus on planning and marketing efficiently.

We focus on lead generation, results, and website marketing. It is about earnings instead of page views. That means thinking about the bottom line and not the number of “hits” the site gets.

Digital marketing on Long Island requires more than adding a few keywords to the website and calling it a day. You need a partner who takes the time to listen to your goals and drive the results you crave so that your company sees a better ROI.

Many companies are marketing services and products online, so it’s easy to get buried in the search. To stay ahead of the competitors, you must implement effective strategies that help you reach new people and convert them into paying customers.

Mimvi’s company utilizes innovation and proven tactics to boost your branding to the top of the SERPs.


Here are the reasons why we’re different than other brands:

Business Done the Right Way

We value integrity, respect, and honesty. You can trust that our team follows through on our promise and does it the right way. We don’t offer you services you don’t require and take the time to listen to your needs. Internet marketing is our passion!

Seasoned Experts

Our team features professionals with many years of experience in digital marketing. They understand Long Island and the industries involved and can develop successful strategies that meet all your needs. Rest easy because credible marketers handle your business.

Solutions That Work

Check out our past projects to see how clients have achieved success online through our solutions. Our track record tells you how capable we are with delivering results. Long Island digital marketing is now easier than ever because we focus on the job so that you can relax.

Customized Campaigns

We don’t like the one-size-fits-all approach to internet marketing because every company is different. We provide customized campaigns that meet your needs and requirements. Because of that, we have a better chance of achieving your goals!

Efficient Delivery

Our team beats deadlines to deliver projects quickly because we know you care about prompt service. That means setting realistic expectations initially, committing to results, and focusing on you. Digital marketing is time-sensitive, and we’re behind you each step of the way.

Transparent and Complete Reporting

We never leave businesses in the dark and provide reports showing information about your campaigns and their actions. In fact, our team always ensures that you’re updated on the progress of our digital marketing strategies. That means being detailed and offering comprehensive data.

Social media is on the rise, so digital marketing has become the standard for advertising. In fact, this marketing form is essential to your strategies. It’s important to understand the advantages of outsourcing to our company:

Create More Interactive Campaigns

Digital marketing is a complex industry. To get the full grasp, you require expertise, technology understanding, and knowledge. Most Long Island entrepreneurs don’t have the time to chase leads, build a website, and run a company. We can help!


Work with the Best

When you work with an external digital marketing team, you harness their years of expertise. You get multiple experts on your side who understand what to do for your company.

Reach Your Audience Fast

Target audiences are the people who see your message and react. A successful internet marketing strategy is all about them. If it’s done right, it gives your sales a boost. Outsourcing these campaigns to our Long Island team helps you connect with people and convince them to purchase from your company.

We help you create a buyer persona, craft content, and use appropriate platforms to reach potential customers. Market research offers a fresh insight into your industry to get the best results.

Reduce Risk and Save Money

Forming an in-house digital marketing team on Long Island can be best for a company, but it also leads to risks and inefficiencies in the long run. It’s overwhelming to manage an entire campaign, and that often leads to missing out on customers.

Hiring our company ensures that you cast a wider net to reach people on multiple channels, boosting ROI. Digital marketers know how to win over the target audience, and our team is dedicated to you.

We also help you save time because you’re not training and hiring employees all the time. Digital marketing firms offer reputable services for less because you don’t have to grow a workforce.

Get a Fresh Perspective for Your Business

As a company owner, you’re familiar with how the industry works. However, that often means you overlook crucial details that help you grow.

When you have a fresh set of eyes looking at the company, it sparks insightful conversations. They can help you challenge your thinking approaches and marketing strategies.

Our digital marketing team helps you branch out from traditional marketing ideas to get that fresh perspective you crave.

Improve Efficiency

Success means working smarter, which requires knowing when to ask for help and play to your strengths. When you partner with our digital marketing agency, you improve efficiency and meet your goals sooner.

Having an outsourced marketing team frees your mind for other responsibilities. If there was an in-house group, you must monitor their effectiveness and progress.

A digital marketing professional is more efficient and can get the job done for your business to bring in more clients!

Get the Latest Marketing Technologies

It’s hard having an internal team managing the internet marketing strategy and campaigns. You must ask how much of the budget should be focused on the latest technology. Plus, some tools are expensive and become outdated after a few years.

When you work with a Long Island team that has several years in the industry, they offer creative solutions that meet your needs. Plus, they have those tools, so you don’t get left behind by your competitors.

Stay Consistent and Relevant

Managing employees means vacations, sick time, and all the rest. It could lead to drops in social media engagement and content production, ranking you lower in the SERPs.

Digital marketing avoids that scenario because we have a team of professionals ready to handle anything. You get consistent marketing to enforce brand trust and increase sales.

Give Your Brand the Attention It Needs

Small businesses still want to get noticed, even though other brands fight for customer attention. An outsourced digital marketing firm gives you the chance to compete with larger corporations.

A well-oiled marketing firm has processes in place to get results!

Maintain Success

Digital marketing agencies do more than create strategies. They maintain campaign progress. In fact, the marketing team performs these tasks:

  • Tracks performance
  • Makes adjustments as needed
  • Optimizes the site’s technical elements
  • Ensures consistent delivery of content
  • Fixes errors and bugs

Project Flexibility

An in-house Long Island digital marketing firm helps you account for daily tasks involved with your needs. Typically, huge projects aren’t suitable for traditional employees.

Our agency offers many services to help you grow the business!

Get Results

The only way to know if digital marketing efforts are working is to review the reports and analytics. You want more clients, and our firm is trained to know what metrics to consider.

Digital marketing focuses on promoting and advertising your products, services, and business online on the internet. It consists of many strategies, including SEO, website design, PPC, social media marketing, blog writing, and more.

It’s best to choose a digital marketing company on Long Island to do everything for you. Our services ensure that you get what you need for your brand without having to do it all yourself!

We recommend that our clients spend about 10 to 20 percent of their revenue on their digital marketing needs.


PPC means putting ads on websites and search engines to drive traffic to you. When someone on Long Island clicks on the link, you pay a fee.

Our clients often like this style, and it works well when implemented correctly.

What Are the Benefits of PPC Ads?

The primary benefit is that you’re driving relevant traffic to the business website, and it’s almost instantaneous.

What’s the Difference Between PPC and SEO?

SEO drives organic traffic to the website, so you don’t pay for it. PPC is the complete opposite.

Content marketing drives prospective customers to your business on Long Island. We create blogs that show you’re an expert in the industry and have solutions for them.

What’s the Best Form of Content Marketing?

There’s no “best” form of content marketing. It depends on your business. Typically, our Long Island clients choose a mixture of blogs, webpages, and more.

 Social media marketing focuses on brand awareness and is part of the consideration stage. When you offer relevant information about services and engage with the audience, you nurture those leads to become buyers.