2019 Mid-Year Review: SEO Tactics to Put You on Top

SEO Tactics 2019

2019 Mid-Year Review: SEO Tactics to Put You on Top

SEO is a marketing necessity in 2019, albeit hard to conceptualize for many business owners because some tactics are complex and the results and return on investment are often not immediate. Adding an additional component to the SEO equation, Google and other search engines are regularly updating their algorithms; what this means is that to reach a top positioning, companies need to continually adjust SEO tactics based on which part of the equation a search engine weighs more. And it is usually not the same for each search engine. 

This is why SEO is a long-term plan: your business can go from position one to the third page overnight without a powerful, consistent SEO campaign.  SEO is an evolving field, not intended for “one-time use.” While website changes, content creation, and link building will always help, regular review must be done to ensure that your website will be highly regarded when Google “crawls” the web.  To date in 2019, here is how that is done.

Understand what your audience is looking for and how they are looking for it.  Search engines have evolved and advanced over time so it only makes sense that users have changed the way they search the web. And as such, SEO must evolve as well. 

Users don’t simply put in succinct keywords anymore, such as “SEO company Long Island.” Because of search engine advancements, users now often ask a search engine a question. It is important to understand what your target audience is asking and how to adequately answer those questions.

It is also important to understand what format to answer those questions in – text, audio, video, visuals. Communicating with your target audience in a manner that matches their preferences is more likely to raise your search engine ranking and create new business for your company.

Lastly, it is no longer true that most search engine users search on desktops. With a society more on the go, people often search from tablets, cell phones and laptops.  Creating a website that is user friendly across platforms and ranks well across platforms will greatly benefit your SEO campaign.

Keywords are still an important aspect to SEO. However, in 2019, it is more important to answer the questions of search engine users than to directly match keywords. Google rewards websites that enhance the user’s experience. One way is to create a larger list such as Top NYC SEO Companies to drive customers to options.

Unique, informative and grammatically correct content still reigns supreme. SEO has always been, and for the foreseeable future will always be, primarily about content. Why? Because, as previously stated, search engines reward websites that help users find answers to their questions.

Each algorithm change, content’s importance has increased. It is now not only crucial to have a sufficient amount of content, but the content must also be of high quality. This means randomly placing keywords where they do not really fit, or make absolutely no sense, now hampers SEO instead of helps it. It is more important to connect with your audience than keyword-stuff.

Well developed content also generates backlinks to your website. If your website provides informative and authoritative content, other websites will link to it. This is a sign to Google that your website is trustworthy and relevant. 

Strive to rank as a “featured snippet.” A featured snippet is the first thing that pops up on the page after a Google search is run, above organic search results. It provides the user with a succinct response to their inquiry – a snippet from your website – that see even higher website traffic than an organic position of one. Visit here to see how to increase online sales.

Because snippets do not appear for remotely close to a majority of searches, there is a vast opportunity to capitalize on this exposure. As this is the first thing people will see as a result of their search and provides an answer to their query instead of simply a link, it is certainly ideal to rank here.

Continued focus on technical SEO in a changing web development world. Technical SEO has become more complex, yet also more important, as the web design and development industry has become more complex. Technical aspects of advanced websites can seriously help or hinder SEO. A simple, quick website will benefit SEO more than an impressively complex site that is slow to load; Google rewards speed. A focus on technical SEO is crucial.

SEO will forever be a changing industry of content, backlinks and technical components. For your business to stay atop search engine results, it is important to stay abreast of changing algorithms and SEO tactics. Achieving the top spot is hard enough; maintaining it will be impossible without continued effort.

Marcus Becker