seo that delivers results


seo that delivers results



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At Mimvi SEO, we have mastered both the art and science of driving traffic and qualified leads to a business’ website, with the mission of exceeding the marketing and business goals.



Mimvi is the SEO company that creates optimal online visibility.

Our professionals develop customized plans using cutting-edge, effective SEO strategies for businesses in all industries and of all sizes.



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When we are contacted by a prospective client for SEO services, we run a no-obligation and no-cost audit that will evaluate current SEO standings; this allows us to provide a guideline of SEO tactics to pursue to elevate organic rankings.


After we run our audit, we consult with the client to get a better understanding of their business objectives and goals for an SEO and digital marketing campaign. From this consultation, we are able to develop an effective plan to meet those goals.


With an understanding of current SEO ranks and future objectives, our SEO experts put together a comprehensive, individualized plan that will improve online search rankings, driving traffic and qualified leads to the client’s website.


With the plan in place, our SEO professionals expertly execute the plan with authoritative link-building, content creation, on-page optimization, and website edits. We provide month-by-month plans of action to accomplish the plan’s objectives.


Once we have begun to reach optimal search ranks for a majority of the keywords (typically within four to six months), we evaluate the plan and results, make adjustments, add additional keywords to the plan and continue to strive for the best possible rankings.


After the initial phase of SEO (typically six months), we continue working with business owners to ensure that their ranks do not fall; we continue our aggressive and proven SEO techniques for sustainable website traffic and leads.

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Our team of web designers is dedicated to bringing a company’s culture to life through a well designed and executed website.


From this consultation, we are able to develop an effective plan to meet those goals.


individualized plan that will improve online search rankings, driving traffic and qualified leads to the client’s website.


We provide month-by-month plans of action to accomplish the plan’s objectives.


we evaluate the plan and results, make adjustments, add additional keywords to the plan and continue to strive for the best possible rankings.


we continue our aggressive and proven SEO techniques for sustainable website traffic and leads.

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Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the practice of moving a website up in organic search results for targeted keywords to enhance website traffic and lead generation. Search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, use incredibly complex algorithms to determine where a website places online. That is how a search engine user ends up on this page; it is not random. Instead, the page has been determined by Google as responsive and authoritative on the subject matter that the consumer searched.

SEO works by combining on-page optimization (the work that takes place on the business’ website) and off-page optimization (the work that takes place on websites other than the business’) to enhance the business’ rankings. The goal is to make the website more user-friendly and trustworthy in the eyes of the consumer and the search engines.

There are several major components to SEO that work in conjunction to build a website’s authority. When Google “crawls” the website and recognizes the enhanced authority, it moves the website up in the rankings.

As a business ourselves, we understand just how competitive the market is, and how skeptical consumers are. In order to stand out from the crowd, a business needs to stand out from its competition and earn the trust of its prospective clients. An effective, well thought out SEO campaign can help businesses achieve those goals.

When a website appears on the first page of a search engine, it is reaching more consumers and prospective clients. First page placement, coupled with an easy to use website that contains informative and interesting content, instantly boosts a consumer’s trust in the expertise of the company. That is how SEO provides a significant ROI: first page placement leads to more clicks to the website, which leads to greater trust in the company, which leads to more clients.

For businesses, competing with the “best of the best” in business, it is important to reach as many interested consumers as possible, before a competitor does. Mimvi’s cutting-edge SEO plans will allow businesses to do just that.

One of the most common questions we get from prospective clients is: “why are your services billed on a monthly retainer and not as a one-time cost?” The answer is simply because that is not how SEO works. In order to achieve and maintain high search engine rankings, SEO must be an ongoing effort.

There are various reasons why SEO is not instantaneous and must be ongoing. First, the competitors that are ahead of a business on Google are likely using an SEO professional; in order to surpass those ahead of a business, significant time, money and effort must be expended. Once SEO completely halts on a website, other competitors that were behind the website will take over its placement within search engines.

Second, Google and other search engines are constantly revising their algorithms (the method used to decide where to rank websites). Following significant changes to an algorithm, there are always fluctuations to ranks. Sometimes, the dust settles and websites regain their prior rank. However, other times, the changes made to the algorithm are so significant – such as when Google decides to give a factor significantly more weight than it previously had – that adjustments to SEO must be made to regain prior rankings. Our SEO professionals are adept at staying ahead of the algorithms to avoid significant disruption to online ranks.

Lastly, there is simply no magic button to press that moves a website from the fifth page to the first. (If it was that easy, a business would not need our SEO professionals!) Instead, SEO requires an ongoing effort of content creation and link building, which over time accumulates to help a business not only achieve dominant rankings, but maintain them based on higher domain authority and brand trust.

Typically, we recommend an introductory, aggressive SEO campaign of six months, as this is the standard amount of time it requires to see tangible results that will stick. Following the six-month campaign, many businesses are able to switch to a maintenance plan in which our professionals continue to execute the SEO plan to maintain ranks that were achieved and push up additional keywords.

It is important to note that it does not take six months to see any results. After a thorough evaluation of a website, our SEO experts are typically able to make changes to on-page SEO that will boost a website’s ranks within the first few weeks to a month. It is the accumulation of links and content that requires a longer amount of time to work as best it can.

When combined, SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click advertising) equal SEM (search engine marketing). However, they are vastly different approaches to driving traffic to a website. While SEO is organic (free) placement of a website on search engines, PPC requires a business owner to bid on search engine placement and render payment to Google per click to the website.

At Mimvi, we believe that the most sustainable and financially friendly approach to placement within a search engine is SEO. Depending on the industry, clicks for ads can be quite pricey, quickly driving up the marketing budget. On the other hand, our SEO agency charges a monthly retainer, in which all costs are included, to obtain optimal placement within Google; these organic rankings are sustainable, will build brand reputation and recognition, and will generate increased call volume as long as SEO is maintained.

However, we also understand the value of PPC, especially in conjunction with an SEO campaign. PPC offers clients a temporary solution to quick lead generation while their organic ranks continue to climb. PPC is an incredibly useful marketing resource when properly put together and budgets are set wisely.

Our experts would be happy to discuss with any interested business how we use both SEO and PPC to generate leads and business for our clients.

Because we believe in the transformative power of SEO for businesses of all sizes and in all industries, we work with or consult for any business that is invested in business growth as a result of SEO and online marketing efforts.

Our SEO plans are customized to fit the specific needs of each individual business that contacts us. Based on our extensive knowledge and experience, we have created basic plans for businesses in service, goods and professional industries; we thereafter use the specifics of the business, its needs and its goals to build a customized approach to online domination.

Our most common SEO packages include, but are not limited to, the following:

SEO for law firms

SEO for medical professionals

SEO for real estate agencies

SEO for travel agents

SEO for nonprofits

SEO for artists and musicians

SEO for wedding professionals

SEO for family entertainment centers

SEO for construction companies

SEO for hotels and hospitality professionals

SEO for moving companies

SEO for restaurants

SEO for advertising agencies

SEO for home service professionals

SEO for gyms, fitness centers or fitness professionals

SEO for bloggers

SEO for athletes

E-Commerce SEO

The professionals at our SEO agency are happy to help any company around the world see more success in their online marketing efforts.

There is no easy answer to this question, as the cost of SEO is highly dependent on numerous factors. Each SEO package that we prepare is individualized in scope of work and cost to fit the needs and goals of the client. The factors that we consider when determining our monthly retainers are: the competitiveness of the online industry and targeted keywords; the physical location(s) of the company; whether the SEO campaign is local, national or global; the current placement of the website within search engines; the size of the target audience; the number of targeted keywords; and the design of the website.

Like anything else, when it comes to SEO you get what you pay for. Many businesses contact us with the goal of having their website appear in the first three to five slots of Google for numerous keywords. For competitive industries, this is not a cheap task as it requires a significant budget for link acquisition and content development.

Our goal is to always be fair and to never provide a prospective client with a package or budget that is not needed for their scope of work. We believe that the budget must align with the competitiveness of the market to achieve the results desired by the client; we always want to set a client up for success.

Typically, we advise prospective clients that are trying to rank for competitive “NYC” keywords that their budget should range from $1,500 to $2,000 per month. This budget ensures that money can be adequately allocated to link building and content creation. However, it is important to note that this budget may increase or decrease depending on the factors listed above.

The best way to know how much SEO would cost a business is to contact Mimvi for a free website audit. Our audit will detail the shortcomings of the current website, allowing us to devise a plan of action to meet the business’ SEO needs and goals. From there, we put together packages for the business to choose from – at different price points, with varying deliverables – that we believe will fit both their needs and their budget.

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