Emerging Trends in SEO for 2018


Emerging Trends in SEO for 2018

Emerging Trends that will Enhance SEO in 2018


It is a well-known fact in the search engine optimization (“SEO”) universe, that search engines are constantly changing their algorithms.  And while this provides a challenge for Long Island SEO agencies, it is for a valuable reason.  The method behind the changing algorithm madness is to improve user-experience; Google, Yahoo and Bing want their users to find exactly what it is the user is looking for, whether that user types in one word, a never ending question or something in between.  Because of this, search engines have become quite good at keeping irrelevant material off of the top of the ranks, despite people’s attempts to SEO that irrelevant material.  


The result of improving technology to monitor SEO techniques it the continuing growth of SEO trends, as SEO experts are charged with staying ahead of the game.  SEO has been constantly changing since the beginning; for example, keyword stuffing used to be a popular method to get your website to the top of search engine ranks, yet this would never work today.  SEO trends emerge almost daily, as each SEO company on Long Island vies for top positioning for itself and its clients.  As 2018 begins and new technological advances are made, it is clear that search engines will adjust to meet the needs of its users and SEO firms will be forced to adjust accordingly, paving the way for a new set of SEO trends.


  1. Voice Search.


The first major growing trend is voice search.  Voice search was introduced only several years ago, in 2015, but its development and responsiveness has been vastly improved in that span of time.  Almost every major technological corporation (think Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon) has its own version of “virtual assistants” with provide voice search features.  Voice recognition and other factors have led to tremendous growth in voice search; in fact, it is estimated that nearly over 40% of adults and over one-half of teenagers use voice search multiple times per day. With so many people turning to voice search over the traditional method, SEO marketers on Long Island will have to develop methods to rank through voice search mediums.  The difference between voice and text is slight but makes a significant difference.  People tend to speak and type differently, with voice being more conversations and text being more formal.  As such, different keywords will apply and SEO campaigns will have to be expanded to meet the needs of voice search terms.


  1. Mobile Searches.


Next is not necessarily a new trend, but a continuously growing one: mobile searches.  With technology advancing and people living more hectic, on-the-go lifestyles, more and more people are searching on mobile phones and tablets.  For businesses, this means that your website must be mobile friendly for ranking and lead-conversion purposes.  For SEO companies, it means developing SEO strategies to stay on-top of the ultra-competitive mobile search market. Google, in fact, has moved toward mobile-first indexing, which is a vastly different than its prior indexing practice, which crawled the desktop version of a webpage and then indexed it both in desktop and mobile searches.  To success mobily, your site must be responsive, quick and readable in order to compete, as individuals on their phone are looking for quick information.


  1. Relevant and Well-Structured Content.


Content has always, and still is, king in terms of successful SEO.  However, the type of content, the relevance of the content and the structure of the content is growing ever more important.  Google and other search engines are becoming increasingly more intelligent, able to dissect content for its relevance, ranking only those sites it deems relevant for a particular keyword.  Just because it has a keyword in the content, does not mean Google like view it as relevant to the topic, if the content veers off the topic of that keywords; it is therefore important to stay true to the topic being discussed and insert keywords appropriately.  Furthermore, it is not only inserting keywords into content that matters, it is the structure of the content itself that is important.  The content must be well-structured and easy to read with headings and subheadings that will be recognized by Google.  Without these structural techniques, the content will be ignored and your site will not rank properly.


  1. Link Building.


Link building has been a cornerstone of traditional SEO campaigns and will still be relevant in 2018.  Building high authority backlinks to a website will still be key component of strategies developed by New York SEO Firms.  Link building is crucial for SERPs (or search engine results page), meaning the page a search engine displays in response to a particular quarry.  High quality and high authority relevant links help the search engine know that the website was relevant content, helping it rank higher.


  1. Visual Search Results.


For particular searches online, such as cars, clothing, hotels and other visual searches, having photographs appear first would reel the user in more than pages of content on the item or service.  Photographs and other visual search results are more interactive and have a more immediate impact on an online consumer than text they have to read through.  Visual searches have already made a huge impact on search engines, with platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram.  Google and other search engines have vastly improved the visual search results for commonly searched terms.  Because of this, it will be important for SEO professionals to include visual content in SEO campaigns.


SEO is a unique field in that the methods used to run a successful campaign are continually changing.  While the foundation of SEO remains to be content and link building, even applying those techniques has changed vastly over the years.  As search engines continue to develop more advanced technologies and responsiveness to online searches, new SEO techniques will emerge to keep companies ranking high on search engines.  As it is still the beginning of 2018, it will be exciting to see these and other SEO trends emerge as the year progresses.

Marcus Becker