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Digital Marketing is tough in NYC and In the modern market, you have every reason for embracing digital advertising.

Search Engine Optimization for Law Firms

The goal of any law firm’s marketing campaign is the same: to bring in new clients, to keep current clients satisfied and to foster a consistent and high quality reputation in the legal profession. It is understandable that in an environment, which is by nature hostile, no matter how much effort, and passion you put into a case, not every client will leave happy. Today, when clients are unhappy they may take to the internet, which could potentially affect your reputation and credibility. A top Long Island marketing company knows what to do to overcome that so the online community sees you and your firm for the success it truly is!

While most managing partners create a marketing plan for their firm, it must be implemented to be successful. Lawyers and their support staff may think they can handle the implementation of the plan, but with time so scarce, resources are better spent hiring a top Long Island marketing company to do that work. While an attorney’s focus bounces between clients, court appearances, documents and other daily tasks to make their firm thrive, it is understanding that implementation of a marketing plan would fall to the bottom of the list. Hiring a marketing company, whose sole focus is marketing, will garner you much better results.

Marketing for lawyers is different than many other industries. For example, it is easy to market for retail products because they are things people will always need or impulsively purchase because it is placed in their eyesight on the check out line. However, unless a person is contemplating suing someone or was sued, the odds he or she Googles “best lawyer on Long Island” is slim to none.

Many standard forms of advertising, for example through social media platforms, do not work for this reason. A Facebook advertisement for an attorney is meaningless to someone unless they happened to be served with a summons an hour before. Your firm must be visible where people go immediately after they are served with process – the internet, and a whopping 75% of the time it is to Google.

A majority of prospective clients will do extensive online research prior to hiring an attorney. Remember, the fate of a client’s dollars, freedom and/or reputation is in your hands. They want to make sure the attorney they are hiring is capable to and will do everything in his or her power to win the case. It is absolutely crucial to effectively market your firm to this audience. Effective internet marketing will bring prospective client’s to your office for a consultation, where you will undoubtedly enter into a retainer agreement, and therefore increase your revenue. Working under the assumption that it is your goal to increase clients and revenue, it is crucial hire the right internet marketing company on Long Island.

A marketing campaign can be narrowly tailored to suit any lawyer’s needs. It is crucial to work with a marketing company that understands how law firms operate; New York’s Rules of Professional Conduct for attorney advertising and solicitation; and how to effectively market for lawyers. Just like many lawsuits today, your online presence and success is not necessarily quick. And just like the practice of law, marketing takes hard work, creativity, high-quality content and strategy.

There are many aspects of an effective marketing strategy. The top Long Island online marketing companies will be able to deliver in every area to increase your business. One such aspect is search engine optimization (“SEO”). SEO is the process of increasing the visibility of a website through a Google search. In today’s marketplace, SEO is the most effective way to target and reach a large audience. SEO will increase your online exposure and boost your business. SEO is technical and often complex. While it is possible for a firm to do on its own, it is time consuming and may actually harm your site. The dollars you will save are certainly not worth that risk. Hiring an internet marketing company that will manage your SEO is crucial.

Another is web design. Because people judge books by their covers despite being taught as a child not to do so, it is crucial to have an informative and aesthetically pleasing website. Ever visited a website and immediately “x”-ed out because it was ugly? We all have. Your firm may provide the best legal services in your industry, but your website is unappealing, no one will ever know. Again, web design is something you are able to do on your own. But the benefits of having a professional marketing company that specializes in web design create your site are numerous and include reliability, the most up-to-date technology and better templates.

Sold? You should be. But beware, like law firms, not all Long Island internet marketing companies are created equal. If you don’t hire the best, you will not get the best. And how do you know who is the best? Google, of course. And your search results will prove that Mimvi SEO, located in Commack, New York, is the best there is on Long Island. We have outranked millions of competitors because we pride ourselves on your firm outranking your competitors. Our team has extensive experience in SEO, web design, social media and reputation management. Our results are proven and our clients are always satisfied with their results. Why? Because we are dedicated professionals who want to see your law firm thrive.

The bottom line is this: Mimvi SEO delivers unmatched SEO Services and Internet Marketing strategies for law firms nation-wide. We have had success with many law firms, bringing a client’s in their doors through drastically increasing organic web traffic, bottom line revenue, and overall online presence for the firms. Mimvi SEO New York places client’s support and satisfaction as its first priority and offers 24/7 support from seasoned SEO experts around the country.

If you want to move up in the legal community, you must get the maximum amount out of your online presence. Contact Mimvi SEO today to get started!

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