On Page SEO Services

On-Page SEO Services


SEO is a complex form of marketing that incorporates both technical and creative marketing strategies to help rank a business organically on search engines. On-page, optimization encompasses the technical realm of SEO, work is done on the website itself, including content creation, content optimization and optimization to a website’s backend. The purpose of on-page optimization is to allow a search engine to easily “crawl” your website for relevance. When a search engine does this, it’s algorithm determines where the website belongs in the ranks based on keywords, title tags, metadata and more.  Therefore, it is crucial to have your website optimized to obtain higher organic ranks.


Mimvi SEO has proven results in obtaining higher organic ranks for our clients.  We develop on page SEO campaigns that fit the needs of each individual client. The three major areas we focus on are content, website architecture and HTML; our SEO packages encompass varying degrees of both frontend website optimization and backend website optimization.


Frontend Optimization: Content has always been, and continues to be, one of the most important factors in SEO. The reason for that is quite simple: people use search engines to solve a problem, answer a question or find a recommendation. A website that provides the answer that a search engine user is looking for will rank higher than one that does not. In other words, what your business has to offer must have value to those searching.  It is imperative that the content is unique, well-researched and grammatically correct in order for a website to obtain a first page ranking.


Backend Optimization: The better the structure of a website, the better the website will rank organically for desired keywords. A website’s architecture encompasses everything from HTML to URL paths, and impacts how the site functions internally and how it is seen by consumers on the web. Metadata is crucial in obtaining authority online; this includes optimization of titles tags, meta descriptions and URLs.  It is also important that your site loads quickly and is mobile friendly both technically and for design purposes. Further, your information must be organized in a way that allows a search engine’s bot to have a clear understanding of what your business does.


At Mimvi SEO, we provide all encompassing SEO packages that include on page optimization for your desired keywords.  Let our New York SEO Company help your business achieve higher organic ranks online!