Marketing for the 2017 Consumer

Marketing for the 2017 Consumer


With 2017 quickly approaching, it is now the time when business owners on Long Island are sitting down to strategize and plan for the upcoming year.  Whether a booming, struggling or start-up business, it is wise to reevaluate your business plan and marketing strategies on a yearly basis to keep up with changing technologies and business ideals.  And although many strategies change from year to year, one thing that remains constant is that in order to generate leads a business must be visible.


Your business’s success will depend largely on how often and in what manner a potential customer sees your business.  Every year, it becomes increasingly easier to target customers if you understand the needs of your audience and the evolving technologies and platforms.  For business owners looking to enhance the marketing strategies and techniques for 2017, here are some trends that you should consider:


  1. Content. Content. Content. This always has been, and likely always will be the most crucial form of marketing. However, as years progress, so does the manner in which content reaches the target audience.  Many companies will move toward content automation or influencer marketing to spread the word about the company.  With the necessary technology now in place, using artificial intelligence to create, publish and manage content will streamline the process.   In addition, the popularity of influencer marketing is growing because people trust a face they recognize over words on paper.


  1. Increased and Improved Video Marketing. As previously discussed, content will always be number one in the marketing industry. However, video has become increasingly important in the marketing world.  First, putting a face to the name make a business more personal and less detached.  Second, many companies are now marketing to millennials with a tight grasp on technology and very little time.  To successfully market to this age bracket, and all others, it is important to grab their attention with visuals and videos.  Video can be easier to understand than text and deliver the message in a personal way.  Video ads are more relevant and responsive to customer needs.


  1. Further Expansion of Social Media Marketing. Social media marketing has been on the rise for quite a while now. However, as 2017 approaches, it seems like almost daily, a new social media platform arrives. Companies that are looking to stay ahead of their competition will not only be using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in 2017, but will be reaching audiences through SnapChat, Yik Yak and Storehouse.  Another change is that companies that successfully implement social media marketing campaigns will stop using social media to blast generic messages that are likely ignored.  Social media marketing will become more personalized and used to contact and communicate with customers, one-on-one.


  1. Customer Centric Experiences. People are becoming less interested in companies that treat each and every customer exactly the same, and more interested in companies that value individuals, on a first name basis. The philosophy, and therefore marketing campaign, of a company should move toward one that focuses on the customer – what you can provide to each different customer, not the basics of the company or services provided to everyone generically.


  1. Chatbots. Technology must be leveraged to provide customers with a positive experience and top-notch service. In order to sell someone on your service or product, you must understand his or her exact desires and needs.  Chatbots use artificial intelligence, deep learning and data crumbs from across the web to decipher customer needs and guide the customer’s behavior.


While many more trends will arise for marketing in 2017, as technology continues to advance daily, these five trends will certainly drive marketing campaigns as we enter the new year.

Marcus Becker