How to be effective in Social Media


How to be effective in Social Media

I will explain to you how to stay engaged with your social media accounts. It is very

important to stay on top of it; Don’t you want your followers to remain following you?

Never neglect your social media accounts.

This one is sort of a no-brainer. By not posting on your accounts, you are not staying engaged. After a

while of not posting, your followers will get bored and eventually unfollow you. Who wants to follow a

ghost account anyways? Always try to post at least every day if you can.

Engage yourself with your audience.

Even by a simple ‘like’ or ‘comment’ can boost your relationship with your followers. Responding to your

social media fans is a key part of being successful on social media. Also, ask questions. Content is king.

Ask simple questions that could get your audience to respond.

Remember your audience.

In order to maintain a healthy relationship with your audience, you must never forget what your

business is really about. Don’t write pointless blogs, your followers will get bored. Write about why they

followed you in the first place. Find out what your audience likes, and write about that; Keep them


Analytics can be especially useful with Social Media 

As of recently, even twitter has been providing analytics for tweets. Now, you can see how many people

viewed your tweet, how many people clicked on your profile after viewing the tweet, how many people

clicked on the external link you provided, and even the region of the world the viewers are from. You

can also use Google Analytics, which is essentially the same thing. Use the information you find out from

analytics to better your postings and find out what your audience truly likes and responds to.

Hold a contest.

I mean, who doesn’t love free stuff? By holding a contest, you will not only grab the attention of your

customers, but you will reward them for participating. So by doing this, you actually have the potential

to gain a bigger audience.

Marcus Becker