Whether you know it or not, there are many differences between SEO and SEM. SEM, or search


engine marketing, is focused on choosing the appropriate keywords to invest advertising money in hen


you want to show up in the paid search results on Google and other search engines. On the other hand,


SEO, or search engine optimization, is based on organic search results, or getting to the top of the search


results when a user actually types in those keywords. By using both SEO and SEM, your business can




Overall benefits:


– Both SEO and SEM attract customers, but use different strategies to do so.


– SEO focuses on bringing your company’s sales site in line with what search engines desire.


– SEM is based off of creating fast and clear advertisements and keywords that potential


customers will type into those search engines.




– Staying on top of search engine results can be very costly. Google and similar search engines


update their algorithms often.


– Even a small change to these algorithms can push your page even five pages further down the


listings than previously.


– SEO requires you to stay on top of what uses want.


– If certain keywords that normally allow prospecting customers to find your site become


surprisingly popular, your site will again be pushed back. So, companies such as Bing and Google


have been utilizing bidding strategies; The more you pay, the more your site is exposed to the



Marcus Becker